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LagoHere is a listing of some of the businesses that operate in Santiago Atitlan. You can follow the links to help you reserve a Hotel Room , to find out where the best place is to eat, or to visit one of our talented craftsmen.


House Rentals






Posada de Santiago

A first-class hotel, located on the outskirts of Santiago Atitlan, with comfortable stonePosada cottages, a restaurant bar, pool, sauna and jacuzzi, nestled on the shore of beautiful Lake Atitlan. This beautiful hotel offers both excellent service and great value-for-money. Possibly one of the best restaurants in the country. medium prices

Posada de Santiago Apto. 1
Santiago Atitlán 07019

Depto. Sololá Guatemala, C.A.

Telephone 011-(502) 7721-7167 & 721-7366

Facsimile 011-(502) 7721-7365

Cell 011-(502) 5410-2444


Hotel Bambu

BambuAnother first class Hotel and Restaurant, located on the lakeshore across the bay from Santiago. They feature European cuisine and have a couple of traditional straw roofed bungaloes. The beautiful gardens are extensive and you definitely can find peace and quiet here or find a kayak to paddle out into the lake. The comfortable European ambiance gives The Bambu a continental flavor. medium prices




Hotel Tzutujil

For that true downtown Santiago experience, stay at the hotel Tzutujil, up near the market. Budget rates



This is the classic little hotel where everyone who visits Santiago ends up spending at least one night. It is near the boat docks. Budget rates



House Rentals

If you come to Santiago and are planning to stay for awhile you may prefer to rent a house by the month. There are all kinds of houses available of all styles. You can rent a shack or find a nice lakeside chalet to spend your time at. Here are some good places


Suzanna and Gitsi's place

RURAL SETTING20 minute walk from the town of Santiago Atitlan.Pumpkin House

    Bird watchers paradise.
Flower lovers delight.  Perfect Artists retreat. Lake views and access.

Need to finish that novel or paintings, or do you simply need a break from urban chaos?
Longing for time and tranquility to work on your yoga posture, your swimming        stroke, your hiker’s stride, to study nature in her glory with a sketch book or just catch up on your reading?
We wish to captivate people who are looking for an exotic, peaceful vacation, long or short term in order to relax, finish a project, or brainstorm new ones. We have two houses that we rent, together on the same property.

The Pumpkin house, above, is suitable for single person or couple or couple with one to two children.
$600 per month including electricity, $50 deposit for keys, $200 damage deposit, internet available for $35 extra/m
Long Term and Weekly rates available on request.Pyramid

The Pyramid House, to the right, is suitable for single person, or couple. Rent including electricity: $350 for single, $400 for couples per month plus $50 deposit for keys and $100 damage deposit. Internet available for $35 extra/m.
Long term and Weekly rates available on request.

Designed, built and operated by Gitzi & Suzanne Epp:Swiss & Canadian.
For more informationTel: 502 7721 7330 or cell phone 502 4628 3694

e-mail: (under the cyber alias of Daisy Fetter.)




Restaurants and Art

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