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Since the end of the fighting in 1990 there has been a lot of socially conscious activity happening in Santiago. When the hostilities ended a lot of social organizations moved in to help with the many problems that face a small town. The problems here are compounded by the fact that the Tzutujil were conquered 500 years ago and have been exploited and marginalized ever since.

Currently, our most needy project is the rebuilding of the Hospitalito, but all of our projects need help. Adisa is an organization that helps rehabilitate discapacitated children. Siembra is a grass roots ecological project dealing with the cloud forest. Chaj Choj is our local trash committee.

Since the 2005 mudslides, there have been many NGOs in town to help the people, some good, some bad. We plan on eventually listing all of those organizations who have the wellfare of Atitlán as their first prority

You can check on some of the projects going on by clicking on the icons above. These pages are still under construction, and a lot of organizations are missing. If you work with an organization that is helping the people in Santiago and you would like to have a page here on, please write us: