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Welcome to Tienda Santiago. On this page you will find local products for sale. The majority are to help fund different social projects around town, like the Hospitalito Atitlan and A.D.I.S.A., the local project for two women the handicapped children here in Santiago, but we have included a couple of items in an attempt to help defray the cost of maintaining this site. Everything here is hand made in Santiago Atitlan, and I'm sure you will enjoy our selections, as we have thought a long time about what we would include in our store. You can purchase items through paypal by clicking on the "buy me" button or else write to us at

The prices quoted include postage from Guatemala


Buen ProvechoA Musicians Benefit for the Hospitalito Atitlan

This CD came about before the October mudslides when a group of local musicians from Discos Atitlan and some bands from EvOR, an independant musicians website decided to try and help the recently inaugurated Hospitalito Atitlán. When the hospital was destroyed by a mudslide during the october, 2005 mudslides in Panabaj, this project became a lot more poignant. The proceeds are now destined for the construction of another hospitalito, on safer ground. The resulting record is very eclectic and the music fits together beautifully. This CD is for sale through Peacework Music, and you can buy it in the US through them for $9.99 by clicking on the button

You can also buy it directly from us by e-mailing

The difference being that it will take longer to ship it from here, and the shipping charges will be a bit extra.

The Discos Atitlan Musicians are marked § and have a web page at where their music is for sale

The Evor musicians are marked ¥. The Evor musicians CDs are all available through Peacework Music

You can listen to short samples of the music by clicking on the headphones below, courtesy of Peacework Music.

The music:

Listen to Sample Bello Lago
            La Trova Del Lago: An acoustic group from Santiago who play modern folkloric music. This song is a very happy one about the beautiful lake that we live on. They are part of Discos Atitlan.

Listen to Sample   Hope
            Karl Kalbaugh: Karl is one of the EvOR musicians who donated the use of their music for this CD. His main instrument is the Digeridoo, but, along with his talented friends, he manages to take this simple instrument beyond it's origins.

Listen to Sample   The Duel
            Seven Sources: This group is the brainchild of keyboardist Joel Pirard and is a complex sinthesis of many genres.

Listen to Sample   Trampera
            Cris and Laura: Wonderful instrumental Tango from this delightful duo from Buenos Aires who currently play in Mexico city and are founding members of the cooperative.

Listen to Sample   Languid Velvet Goddess
            Jazza Diction: Jef Peace brings you his own special version of 21st century Beat poetry. Together with a great Jazz quintet that beautifully punctuates the spoken word it is definitely the thinking mans band.

Listen to Sample   Monsta Mash
            TL2: TL2 is simply an electric guitar whiz. His multilayered tunes are finely crafted pieces that evolve into each other and create a very electric ambiance.

Listen to Sample   Santiago
            Ixim Acha: These guys are the salt of the earth. This band from the Santiago Cofradia sings the "songs of the earth" proclaiming their Mayan identities and the lessons of the ancestors to the new generations.

Listen to Sample   La Cueva del Jaguar
            Roberto Luz: Electric flute jungle bop. This tune is one of the collective experiments from Discos Atitlan a local cooperative record label.

Listen to Sample   Peace Of Mind
            Jimmy Caterine: Steel metal for the new age. This guitar playing is off the scale! sunset

Listen to Sample   Signore
            Cantitlan: a local choir from panajachel

Listen to Sample   Joys Of Quebec
            Zingo Zango Jug Band: This delightful band from Maine plays pure American music. This instrumental fiddle piece shows but one face of a multitalented group.

Listen to Sample   Sleepyhead (Reprise)
            JDA: A power trio who is dedicated to creating a new sound with a nod at the best of British Rock

Listen to Sample   The Cure Song
            Quad Cranium: psychedelic 21st century trance music. Superstring theories involve the idea of higher dimensional spaces.

Listen to Sample   Chiron
            Louis Lamp: Modern classical composition by one of the up and coming independant composers.

Listen to Sample   Las Golondrinas
            Daniel: sweet ending for this CD, this tune is from another of the stalwart Evorites



t-shirtsWe sold most of the 2007 batch, but, if you are lucky, we still have one in your size. These are 100% cotton and come in different styles for men and women




We also have some of the 2006 t-shirts left, 2006but only in white and only in Medium and Large. This is your chance to get a print of this excellent piece of art by Quetzal!



The Sacred Teaching Songs of the Maya Tzutujil

The Ancient Mayan Traditions continue through the ages. These songs are used by the Secret Brotherhoods to pass them on.

This CD from our local cooperative Record label, Discos Atitlán, is an anthropological document from Santiago fromSacred Teaching Songs of the Maya Tzutujil two of the last tijax bands who are still playing the songs of the earth. Aj T'zutjilaa and Ixim Acha (Men of Corn) are still playing their music for the mayan ceremonies and rituals that have been performed here in Santiago since before the conquest. The music is based on the ancient "sones", that are simple melodies associated strictly with a certain deity, historic shaman, lesson, or folk story that each generation learns and interprets in their own fashion. An explanation of the different tunes is included. We now have a distributor in the US who will send the CD directly to you.

tzutujilesClick on the picture to buy it direct from our US distributor. $12 plus postage



Otherwise, you can still get it direct from Central America with Paypal:

$18.00 includes shipping

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Listen to Sample Click on the headphones to listen to a sample from "The Sacred Teaching songs of the Maya Tzutujil